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Studio owner and founder of Blue Sky Pilates

Fully comprehensive studio instructor

Back pain / injury rehab specialist

Kinetic chain Release Trainer

Massage therapist

Claire started her pilates journey 23 years ago after the birth of her 3rd son. She is a fully qualified Comprehensive Studio and Matwork instructor and qualifies with international company Polestar Pilates who are renowned for their specialist movement therapy.

Claire specialises in back pain and spinal injury rehabilitation. She works closely with the physiotherapists at Taylor physio in comely bank and also does referrals for other health care providers including Gps.


Polestar Pilates Studio instructor 

Polestar Pilates Mat instructor

Kinetic Chain release Trainer

Connective tissue release therapist


Dry needling


Womans health

Reiki Master

Aura cleansing - using tuning forks

Language of light third degree master

other qualifications

Level 3 Personal Trainer - NASM

Paddle Board Instructor - ASI

Claire likes to snowboard and paddleboard in her spare time. At the weekends you will  find her by the water in her campervan. She enjoys the outdoors and getting in cold water for some cold water therapy. 



Senior Comprehensive Pilates Instructor

Kinetic Chain release therapist

Senior Studio / Matwork Instructor

BA (HONS) Degree Dance
Accredited Kinetic Chain Release Practitioner Kinetic Chain Release Assistant Teacher Connective tissue Release Practitioner
Reiki Practitioner
LifeHeal Biofield Tuning Therapy
Indian Head Massage
Barreconcept Instructor

Karen trained as a dancer from the age of 15 and by 19 graduated from Edinburgh’s Telford College with a BA (HONS) Degree in Dance. It was whilst studying for her Degree that she first discovered Pilates and its benefits. During training karen performed extensively touring Scotland and Northern England performing with a variety of different choreographers and dance companies, including Scottish Dance Theatre and X factor Dance Company. Upon graduation karen taught dance as a freelance teacher for Midlothian and East Lothian Councils promoting healthy living for everyone ranging from young children to the elderly.

After teaching dance for a year she was drawn back to her Pilates roots and decided to train as an instructor. Karen knew that by teaching Pilates she would gain great pleasure from helping others improve their

own bodies and realised the benefits Pilates could have on people’s lives, both young and old.
Karen trained in both Matwork and Studio Pilates in 2005. Since training she has worked with a range of clients including those affected by MS, ME, osteoporosis, cerebral palsy, spinal injury, hip / knee surgeries as well as pre and post natal clients and top athletes, including tri athletes and the Hearts Football Club. Karen has worked in various studios in Edinburgh and was Company Director of The Pilates Place LTD, a very successful pilates studio.

Karen has been part of the Blue Sky Pilates team since 2011.

In September 2016 Karen decided to train to be a Kinetic Chain Release practitioner after having felt the benefits for herself. Karen always says KCR was her missing piece, she loves being able to help people by easing their pain, calming their mind and overall making them feel better within themselves. Karen also has an interest in KCR for children, having seen firsthand the benefit it brought to her own children. Since training in KCR Karen then went on to train in Connective Tissue Release, Reiki, Indian Head Massage and LifeHeal Biofield Tuning Therapy.

Karen loves to keep fit and thanks to lessons with Claire...she also loves paddel boarding !!!



Senior comprehensive studio instructor, 
Kinetic chain release therapist
Massage Therapist

Qualifications and Specialities:

Pilates Apparatus Sessions

Pilates Mat classes

Teacher Training

Yin Yoga

Hatha Yoga



Massage / Bodywork

Pre/ post natal

“I teach Pilates yet I’m not “just” a Pilates Teacher , I teach Yoga yet I’m not “just” a Yoga teacher, I’m qualified in many different massage & bodywork methods yet I’m not “just” a massage therapist, I’m a Master NLP Practitioner yet my skills in this field now far exceed the qualifications I gained 13 + years ago …get the picture ? THE most important quality to know about me is that I’m fiercely & passionately committed to my own growth and transformation which means by default THIS is exactly the energy I embody AND the energy in which I hold each and every one of my clients When I teach my intention is to educate, to help you embody the priceless skills and concepts The Pilates Method delivers that serve you inside and outside the Pilates Studio I am a space holder. I energetically hold powerful, safe FUN & transformative space for you to just be yourself. From which you learn, grow and develop the most incredible relationships with ALL your bodies…. physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual As a second generation Educator I bring 15 + years of experience to every class “Growth is not a linear process, approach your own unique journey with curiosity and you will always be exactly where you’re meant to be” – Laura Weavers



Comprehensive Studio Pilates Instructor
Kinetic Chain Release Therapist Level 1

Having spent the first part of her career in Marketing, Katie decided to live what she loves and retrained as a Pilates mat instructor in 2016 and she has been teaching regular mat classes and one to one sessions around Edinburgh since.  Katie completed her Comprehensive training with Lolita's Legacy to become a 3rd Generation teacher.  Her passion for Pilates stems not just from the physical benefits it offers,  such as addressing imbalances, helping to prevent injury, improving strength and flexibility - but the benefits to overall wellbeing that come from the joy of movement; the respect that Pilates nurtures of your own body's capabilities; and the sense of self-empowerment created by building strength, control and connection within yourself.

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