Studio Owner

Back Pain Rehabilitation Specialist

Polestar Pilates Studio and Matwork Instructor since 2007

Level 3PT Premier Global NASM

Massage Therapist

Kinetic Chain Release Accredited 

Connective Tissue Release Therapist

Reiki Level 1

Dry Cupping

Dry Needling

Core Fascial Release level 1

ASI Paddleboard Instructor

Claire Gordon is the owner and founder of Blue Sky Pilates.She trained with Polestar Pilates in London back in 2007.Since then she has continued developing her knowledge and now specialises in back pain rehabilitation.With over 2000 hours training and 20000 hours teaching she certainly knows her stuff. She works closely with physiotherapists at Taylor Physiotherapy and other medical experts in Edinburgh and the surrounding area.

 Claire has been working with Netflix and local production companies providing treatments and pilates for cast and crew. She has worked on A Castle for Christmas with Actress Brooke Shields, Producer Steve McGlothen and Director Mary Lambert. She has just finished working on Princess Switch 3 with Vanessa Hudgens and the main cast and crew.

In 2016 she trained in Kinetic Chain Release and Connective Tissue Release with founder Hugh Gilbert. She is an Accredited Kinetic Chain Release  Practitioner. She has an interest in trauma and how the body reacts in the healing process. She is also does energy work and allows her intuition to guide her through the process. 

Claires specialist approach in attracts clients from all over the globe. 

Claire enjoys keeping fit.She loves to Stand Up Paddle Board,Run and Snowboard. 



Studio and Matwork Pilates Instructor

KCR/CTR Therapist

Karen originally trained as a dancer and graduated from Edinburgh Telford College with a BA HONS Degree in Dance.

It was during her degree she found her love of Pilates . She went on to train with Total Body Approach in 2005 and is qualified in Matwork and Studio Pilates. She has worked with HMFC and other sports professionals.

Karen is also trained in BarreConcept, which is a fusion of Ballet,Pilates and Yoga.

Karen is also an Accredited KCR/CTR Practitioner. 

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Certified BASI Mat and Studio Instructor

Amanda was born in Inner Mongolia and moved to the Netherlands as a teenager. She was introduced to Pilates during her dance education in Copenhagen and used the method to recover from injury.

Amanda is a fully qualified BASI Mat and Studio Instructor. 

Besides pilates Amanda has taken workshops in other relevant somatic approaches such as Gyrotonics, Feldenkrais, and Mind Body Centering technique



Pilates Studio and Mat Instructor/ Yoga Instructor

Firstly I am a passionate woman from Edinburgh, gathering memories and experiences doing the things I love to live a full and present life that makes my heart burst ♥️

Secondly I am an enthusiastic Pilates Educator & Yoga Teacher.......

I started my pilates teaching journey over 14 years ago through an amazement of just HOW incredible the human body actually is and from that moment I was addicted to learning and sharing more and more and more ......

I have completed my fully comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training 3 times and am a Second Generation Educator mentored by the incredible Lolita San Miguel... First generation elder and couldn't be more proud...

I followed my passion and that's where it lead....

Pilates was my first love our journey has been long and rewarding
I offer :

Pilates Apparatus Sessions
Pilates Mat classes 
Teacher Training
Yin Yoga
Hatha Yoga
Massage / Bodywork
Pre/ post natal

I am commited to helping you transform WHATEVER that looks like for you. You will leave feeling strong, confident and empowered ....YES !!!!!!!!!

I believe we all have the resources within us for powerful transformation

I believe in community

I believe everything is possible

I believe in you because I believe in myself

I believe in the power of movement and that movement heals