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The Joys Of January

So here we are again. The start of another year. Time for reflection and change...or so we think.

How may of you set a New Years resolutions only to feel like you have failed a few days into the month. Personally I don't do "resolutions " as i've set myself up to fail so many times. Instead I make small changes which I know are achievable.... well I try.

My biggest challenge with change is why do we wait until January ??? Surely change can be achieved any day and month of the year. Instead we wait til Monday to go on a diet... why not start on a Friday or any other day of the week... or join the exercise class now ... not when you have lost some weight before you join. These are conversations I have A LOT with clients.

My tip... write it down. Whats your goal. Do it daily/weekly/monthly do what works for you!! Your goals will change. Once you have achieved them move to the next. Tick them off . We are in an era of technology but I still use pen and paper to log my progress. I like to see what i've achieved and some days are better than others but i'm ok with that.

Finally your only human. Don't beat yourself up if you come of plan get back on it asap. Don't use it as an excuse to spiral out of control. Use January to Catapult you towards what you want to be in the next year, Fitter, Thinner, Pain Free, More mobile whatever goal you choose.